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Dear Dancers,

 Denise and I are extremley sad to announce the cancellation of the 2021 Portland Open.

After much deliberation, and talks with the Hotel and City have exhausted all options to run a safe event for our dancers and officials.

We are very thankful to those of you that were planning to attend and we cant wait until 2022 to welcome you back to the beautiful City of Portland, OR.

But here are some exciting news - we will offer a Virtual Championships May 7-9 for m ore info click this link 2021 Virtual Championships

The entire competition will be judged by a panel of national & international judges – with Voice critiques and marks scaling from 1-5! A private Zoom session can be arranged with any of our judges to discuss your dancing!

  1. Register – For pre-recorded entries, submit your entry forms
  2. by April 19 either by fax or mail.
  3. Music – We have developed a portal for you to easily access your music and upload your videos straight from your phone.

Videos – Upload your videos directly to the portal by April 26th  We must receive your videos by this deadline to give our professional editing team time to


Best wishes and stay healty

Stephan & Denise